Partnership to Boost SEA Web3 Gaming Development: ThunderCore & YGG SEA

• Coinscribble/ThunderCore has partnered with Yield Guild Games Southeast Asia (YGG SEA) to launch a developer program that will tap into the demand for blockchain-based games and virtual worlds.
• This partnership is a manifesto of their commitment to bridge South East Asia developer talent into Web3 and attract global Web3 talent into the region.
• ThunderCore provides a scalable and fast infrastructure for decentralized applications while YGG SEA offers a gaming guild that connects & engages deeply with its community members in the SEA market.

Coinscribble / ThunderCore Partnership With Yield Guild Games Southeast Asia

Coinscribble and ThunderCore have announced an exciting new partnership with Yield Guild Games Southeast Asia (YGG SEA). The collaboration aims to kickstart a developer program that will tap into the rising interest for blockchain-based games and virtual worlds in Southeast Asia.

Commitment To Bridge South East Asian Developers Into Web3

As part of this partnership, Coinscribble and ThunderCore are committing to bridge South East Asian developers into Web3 as well as attract global Web3 talent into the region. This is expected to be quite revolutionary in the world of Web3 development in Southeast Asia.

ThunderCore Features For Blockchain Gaming

ThunderCore is a blockchain platform designed specifically to provide high performance decentralized applications (DApps) required for blockchain gaming. It has an exceptional user retention rate due its entertainment-first approach, frequently clocking over 100,000 daily active users (DAU) according to DappRadar.

YGG SEA Services For Game Developers

On the other hand, YGG SEA is dedicated to helping game developers establish market presence in Southeast Asia through their massive reach in the region and connection with over 80 games. It even features some of the biggest success stories in blockchain gaming today which can definitely benefit any game developer looking for support from this guild. Furthermore, they offer language specific support on its platform which helps anyone enter the metaverse easily regardless of language proficiency or background knowledge on blockchain technology.

Axie Infinity As A Home-Grown Blockchain Game Success Story In The Region

South East Asia’s home-grown blockchain game Axie Infinity has been one of 2021/2022’s most successful projects, signifying how important this region can be for global economic growth through Web3 technology adoption by its citizens . Thanks to proven infrastructure such as ThunderCore’s scalability, speed ,and security; we can expect more success stories like this coming out from here soon!