BTC/USD at Multi-Month High: Technical Analysis Shows Bullish Outlook

• Bitcoin (BTC/USD) maintained positive momentum early in the Asian session and surged higher to the 29190.04 area, its strongest print since early June 2022.
• Bulls are increasingly eyeing the 30127.80 area, an upside price objective associated with buying pressure around the 15460 and 19568.52 levels.
• Technical Support is expected around 25256.83/ 24224.60/ 21753.70 with Stops expected below Technical Resistance is expected around 29244.66/ 29639.37/ 30127.80 with Stops expected above

Bitcoin at Fresh Multi-Month Highs

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) continued to surge higher in the Asian session, reaching a fresh multi-month high of 29190.04 – its highest level since early June 2022. With strong technical support around the 26525 level, bulls are now increasingly eyeing an upside price objective of 30127.80 – an area associated with buying pressure from levels such as 15460 and 19568.52 respectively.

Upside Price Objectives

The appreciation of BTC has created several upside price objectives for traders to watch out for, including: 29244.66, 29639